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When we’re not working within schools, we regularly run workshops and courses across Australia and New Zealand which bring peers together and empower participants to bring about positive change in their classrooms and school communities. Our main courses are:

ICT Peer Coaching Course (3 day program)  |   More Info 

21st Century Learning Design (2 day program)   |   More Info



We have also developed a number of fantastic workshops to support the teaching and learning goals at your school, which run based on expressions of interest:

Principals & School Leaders: Developing an E-Portfolio for Appraisal   |   More Info

Collaboration in the Cloud with Office 365   |   More Info

Blogger Workshop   |   More Info

Google Apps (GAFE) Workshop   |   More Info

Google Sites Workshop   |   More Info

If you are interested in attending one of the above workshops, please get in touch via email or call 1300 653 164.


Upcoming Dates


Sep 17 Thu
21st Century Learning Design Program | Auckland, New Zealand | September 2015
Sep 17 – Friday all-day
When: September 17th – 18th, 2015

Microsoft NZ: Level 5, Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Auckland, New Zealand

Cost: $495.00 NZD* (*Regular price of $695 as of 2nd July) Includes 2 online sessions
Contact: Rowena Ulbrick
1300 653 164


There is a growing awareness of 21st Century Learning (21CL), especially since it has been reflected within the Australian National Curriculum. There is also a wide appreciation of its value, which is supported by a wealth of evidence from educational researchers. However, as yet, few teachers know how to design lessons to put it into practice.
Here’s an opportunity to take the lead in your school and discover, as one participant puts it: “being a part of something new and exciting; allowing me to increase my skills and learning whilst teaching my students.”
Over two days you’ll work together with other teachers in a collaborative and supportive environment to understand:
·         The six skill-sets today’s students will need in the workplace and their future lives
·         The innovative rubrics for measuring use of these skills in classroom and project work
·         How 21CLD links in with the Australian Curriculum
·         How to create a compelling case for 21CL in your school
You’ll also learn how to code and redesign your own curriculum, to get you started on implementing 21CL on your return to school. An online discussion with fellow participants six weeks later will give you the opportunity to share your successes and discuss overcoming any roadblocks you may have encountered.

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