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May 2 Fri
Create and Collaborate with Windows 8 – Perth
May 2 all-day
When: May 2nd
Where: Catholic Education Office of Western Australia
33 Williamstown Road, Doubleview WA 6018, Australia
Cost: $295 Ex. GST (Includes catering and workshop resources)
Contact: Rowena Ulbrick,
1300 653 164

About the Windows 8 workshop

A jam-packed workshop for even the experienced technology user, with lots to explore and learn. Working alongside an ELH ICT Education Specialist you’ll discover how to transform your teaching practice by making the best Apps choices, developing a big picture understanding of 21st Century skills linked to the ICT General Capabilities within the National Curriculum.

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May 12 Mon
2-day 21st Century Learning Design Program – Perth
May 12 – Tuesday all-day
When: May 12th – 13th
Where: Catholic Education Office of Western Australia
33 Williamstown Rd, Doubleview WA 6018
Cost: $795.00 ex GST (this includes 2 online sessions)
Contact: Rowena Ulbrick,
1300 653 164


There is a growing awareness of 21st Century Learning (21CL), especially since it has been reflected within the Australian National Curriculum. There is also a wide appreciation of its value, which is supported by a wealth of evidence from educational researchers. However, as yet, few teachers know how to design lessons to put it into practice.
Here’s an opportunity to take the lead in your school and discover, as one participant puts it: “being a part of something new and exciting; allowing me to increase my skills and learning whilst teaching my students.”
Over two days you’ll work together with other teachers in a collaborative and supportive environment to understand:
·         The six skill-sets today’s students will need in the workplace and their future lives
·         The innovative rubrics for measuring use of these skills in classroom and project work
·         How 21CLD links in with the Australian Curriculum
·         How to create a compelling case for 21CL in your school
You’ll also learn how to code and redesign your own curriculum, to get you started on implementing 21CL on your return to school. An online discussion with fellow participants six weeks later will give you the opportunity to share your successes and discuss overcoming any roadblocks you may have encountered.

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May 14 Wed
ICT Peer Coaching 14th – 16th May, Perth WA
May 14 – Friday all-day
When: May 14 – 16
Where: Penrhos College
6 Morrison Street, Como WA 6152, Australia
Cost: Early bird special $895 Ex. GST*
Normal price $1295 Ex. GST
Contact: Rowena Ulbrick, Expanding Learning Horizons
1300 653 164


The ICT Peer Coaching Accreditation consists of 3 face-to-face full day workshops and 2 online sessions. At the end of the course each participant is accredited as a coach and also a facilitator, enabling them to coach and certify other teachers within their school as ICT Peer Coaches.

The course aims to not only improve teachers’ use of technology in teaching and learning, but also train them in the use of specific language and reflective processes that will help them coach other teachers. This will ensure that the coaching program can be cost effectively scaled, developing a school-based team of coaches.

*Early bird special valid until 2nd May 2014

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Jun 1 Sun
21CLD in Action!
Jun 1 – Monday all-day
Dates:  1st – 2nd June 2014
Location: St. Laurence’s College
  82 Stephens Road, South Brisbane QLD 4101
Cost: $495.00 – includes all catering and workshop resources
Presenters:  Bruce Dixon, Travis Smith, Emily Olsen and Rowena Ulbrick
Contact:  Rowena Ulbrick –

There is a growing awareness of 21st Century learning especially since it has been reflected within the Australian National Curriculum with the introduction of the General Capabilities.  There is also a wide appreciation of its value, which is supported by an abundance of theory and research about contemporary pedagogy.  However, there is few teacher who know how to define these skills and more importantly, of how to design their lessons to enable students to develop key skills for work and life in the 21st Century. This course enables teachers and educational leaders to gain clear understanding of 21st Century skills and an explicit framework for improving what happens in the classroom. The outcomes of the 21CLD in Action are being able to;
·         Define key skills for work and life in the 21st Century
·         Explain what these skills ‘look like’ in the classroom
·         Be able to reflect, evaluate and improve on learning activities that you provide to students
·         Understand how 21CLD fits into the global, national and individual school context
·         Explore how the program has been successfully implemented within schools

·         Devise a clear strategic plan for implementing the course at classroom and leadership level

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Sunday 1 June Theory, Research and Pedagogy for 21st Century Learning Design
8:30-9:00am Welcome & Introductions
Course administration & set up
Creating a compelling case for 21CLD
9:00-9:30am Collaboration with Purpose
9:30-10:30am Collaboration Dimension, Rubric and Analysis
10:30-11:00am Morning Tea
11:00-11:45am Knowledge Construction Dimension, Rubric & Analysis
11:45am-12:30pm Self- Regulation and Assessment Dimension & Analysis
12:30-1:15pm Lunch
1:15-2:15pm Independent Task
Choose a dimension to focus on and complete:
·      A summary of the overview and rubric
·      A learning activity to teach the dimension
·      An example of a lesson incorporating high 21st Century capability
2:15-3:00pm Collaborative Task
Teach members of your group using the resources you’ve created
3:00-3:30pm Aligning 21CLD with the Australian Curriculum
3:30-4:00pm Group Reflection & Plenary
Monday 2 June 21st Century Learning Design in Action
8:30-10:00am Keynotes
Bruce Dixon, Global and National Context
Travis Smith, Why 21CLD? 
10:00-10:30am  Case Study
St Laurence’s Story of 21CLD in Action
10:30-11:00am  Morning Tea 
11:00-11:30am  Curriculum Tools and Building the 21CLD Professional Learning Community 
·       Yammer
·       Windows 8 App
·       Accessing Best Practice Examples  
11:30am-12:15pm Teaching Reflection & Curriculum Re-design
12:15-12:30pm  Sharing Best Practice Examples 
12:30-1:15pm Lunch
1:15-3:00pm Streamed Implementation Workshops
·      Teachers focus on evaluating and re-designing curriculum to implement in the classroom 
·      Principals and Educational Leaders work to devise a strategic professional learning plan

   for their students

3:00-3:30pm  Aligning 21CLD with the AITSL Teacher Standards
3:30-4:00pm  Workshop Reflection, Plenary & Next Steps




Aug 17 Sun
ELH SchoolTech Conference 17th – 19th August 2014 Lorne, Victoria
Aug 17 – Tuesday all-day

ELH SchoolTech is recognised as the definitive event in the local educational calendar and is a unique opportunity for schools to share experiences and benchmark their performance against others.

Over the last 20 years, the Conference has featured international and local presenters who push the frontiers of excellence – giving attendees rare access to the best ideas in education today.

ELH SchoolTech is created to meet the needs of a diverse audience, from schools embarking on technology programs to the most technologically advanced schools in Australia and New Zealand.

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